Jan 16, 2014

Two Very Special Reasons to Celebrate

Deep in the midst of the holidays falls both of our sweet boys' birthdays. But, despite the craziness that is the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our California friends and family, plus some our favorite New Mexican's, came to help us celebrate two very special birthday milestones.
And what a celebration it was.
Food and cupcakes and presents galore
Those eyes... they melt my heart! 
Special friends and cousins who we are so glad to have become close with.
And some very special grandparents who I'm sure were just as excited to cherish in these moments with our sweet boys as we were. 
Not to mention we had a special appearance from Jay's cousin, Jeff Griggs, the celebrity, who killed it on NCIS, Los Angeles the following night :0). 
It was THE best. 
But you know what else was the best?.. Disneyland. Which was the second stop on the birthday train of fun for our little guys. 
We decided, instead of more gifts, since they got more than enough stuff at their party and Christmas was just a week and a half away, that we would take them to THE happiest place on earth and give them a whole day of fun that hopefully (at least for Vincent) they will cherish as one great birthday memory. 
The castle all decked out for Christmas. An entrancing ride on It's a Small World. Dumbo. Tea Cups and the Mickey Mouse Christmas parade. It was amazing. Vincent was most definitely overwhelmed with excitement the entire time. But the highlight, you ask? It was this. 
Sylas was Terrified. I've never felt him hold on so tightly before. Those giant ears must have really put him over the edge. But that smile never left Vincent's face. It was like a boy meeting his very best friend and my heart practically exploded from watching him. That in itself made the whole day. Which was good, because oh how quickly we learned that Disneyland on a Saturday before Christmas is INSANE. And even that is an understatement. Luckily we hit all of the highlights that a three year old should experience his first time around. And luckily (times two), we live close enough that heading back again soon may not be too much of a stretch for his Disney loving parents ;0). Next time though, I think California Adventure may be on the agenda.

Overall, we couldn't feel more blessed than to have been able to celebrate our boys in such a way. So thank you to everyone that helped make this years celebrations so incredibly special. And thank you, Mickey, for blowing the top off our three year olds' big day. Can't wait for next year! … (or is that this year?.. Maybe I should catch up on these blogs more often - doy!)