Mar 8, 2014

Our Little Gymnast

Vincent is finally at the age that getting him involved in some kind of activity is important. Or so we think. With pre-school right around the corner, playing with kids away from his mom and dad and having to listen to another adult are lessons he's going to have to learn the hard way if we don't get him going in something before that. So when my boss told me she has both her son and her daughter in a gymnastics program right by our house, we jumped on the idea and brought him in for a free trial. Needless to say, he LOVED it! We were a little hesitant about whether or not he would actually like it so we were SO excited when he said he wanted to go back.

And two months later it's still quite the hit. Most Saturdays he decides at the last second that he doesn't think he wants to go in, but with a little encouragement from us, he goes and stays the whole time. Peeking into the parent room from time to time to make sure we're still watching but mostly he just goes along with whatever exercises and activities they have planned during the 45 minutes he's there. It's THE best. 

Here's a few of his new stunts ;0) 
First theirs stretching… oh, and did I mention he's the only boy in his class? :0)
And then there's jumping and forward rolls
 Then backwards rolls

And of course, cartwheels! 
And he must learn the proper form ;0)
Though I think his most favorite of all are the bars. He even likes to help the other girls in the class by putting his hand under their feet to get them up. What a sweet helper he is. 
 I think he's already focused on the GOLD ;0)
Never the less we could not be more thrilled with how this is working out. I don't know that I ever stuck with an extracurricular activity longer than two months so he's already got me beat there and I couldn't be more proud.

And as long as he's still excited to go, we'll keep taking him. 
Waller's, the gym he goes to, says they "build hearts of champions" and I think we've got one already right here. 
For that smile, I would do anything.