Jan 12, 2014


Vincent, you are three!
Three and so much much more.
You're three and smart! Extremely smart. You surprise me every day with the things you pick up on your own and the things you already know - you amaze me, constantly. Colors, shapes, animals, you know them all. Numbers and the alphabet are what's on the learning agenda next. And recently you have started singing along to the alphabet song (thanks to Elmo) and those 26 letters couldn't sound any sweeter coming out of your mouth.
You're three and funny! Hilarious actually. The things that come out of your mouth, I swear, you sure do say the darndeset things. Your silliness brings upon some serious laughing daily. The timing, the context, the things you say - you are THE silliest. And it's the best.
You're three and STRONG. Strong willed, strong minded, strong in every sense of the word. It's what keeps your Dad and I adjusting our parenting methods every single day. It's what defines those "terrible two's three's" moments. It's what makes me proud of who you're becoming, when you don't back down for something that's actually important. It's what I love and battle with you over constantly, but i'll take it. You're sharing your feelings through these strong and frustrating and empowering moments that show me you're comfortable expressing yourself to us. And though sometimes we may not know just how to handle them, they're moments we would never trade. They're just bringing us one step closer to figuring you out ;0). 

So, you're three. You're so so smart, hilarious and strong. You're caring and compassionate. You snuggle and say "I love you" and melt our hearts with your random yet incredibly sweet tendencies. You're independent. You know what you like and don't like (i.e. milk - that still hasn't changed). And you're curious and eager to try and do new things (on your own terms, of course). You evolve into a bigger, older, wiser version of yourself every single day. You can play by yourself or with other kids. You can do so without your parents and that's huge. Your dad and I are beginning to think about pre-school and kindergarten and we can't believe that that is not far off these days. Every day is a blessing with you in our lives and every day I feel a little more proud of who you're becoming. Your dad and I are so in love with you and love that you're ours. Something that most definitely will never change. 

We love you, bud! xoxo!!