Dec 5, 2013

Sylas is One

365 days have literally gone by in the blink of an eye. I'm not sure how that happens and I'll probably never get used to how quickly life seems to pass us by, all i know is, quick or not, life is so much sweeter with you in it.
As a big 'ol one year old, you're still just as calm, cool and collected as ever. Your demeanor is one I try to channel on the daily - letting things just roll right off, never getting upset over the small things. Finding excitement in all things new, meeting new people with an open heart and never letting anything that does seem to upset you, do so for long. 
Holding you is one of my most favorite happy places ever. And sometimes, if i'm lucky, you snuggle your sweet little head down on me and my heart just bursts into a million pieces. I cherish those moments because they never last as long as I'd like. There's just too much to see and explore to spend more than a few seconds snuggling with your mom!… though I totally would love it if you did :0).
Your smile is contagious and your eagerness to explore things keeps us all busy right along with you. There's a house full of toys and a brother who loves to play, but silly you would rather get into things you shouldn't… like the toilet paper in the bathroom, all of the canned goods and popcorn and pretzels in the pantry, oh! and the DVD's are SO much fun to make a catastrophic mess out of ;0). Time with you is always spent keeping you busy. Showing you new things and you picking up them like it's nothing. Singing to you, reading to you, dancing with you. You truly know how to bring the fun all hours of the day. 
You're still an excellent sleeper. Putting you down for naps and for bed time couldn't get easier. You sleep through the stalling that your older brother does for a whole hour at bed time and you never complain. The only down part, you still think waking up twice during the night is a good idea :0(. Hoping that will change soon but as we transition into less day time naps i'm assuming that will..? We'll have to see! 
You have eight teeth and two more slowly making their appearance on the bottom so these days, you are putting those teeth to the test and literally eat everything in sight. Nothing is off limits as to what you'll eat and as long as there's food out, you want to be eating it. From any and all types of veggies (especially tomatoes), to chicken, pizza, quesadillas, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches, you say "give me all of it" and "keep it coming!". I truly fear the day you and your brother eat us out of house and home. And unfortunately I think it's coming sooner than I think! Better get a second job.. ;0)

With all of that said.. I still can't believe a whole year has already come and gone, my sweet little Sylas and so many milestones have come with it. Watching you grow and learn and accomplish all of them brings me more joy than I can even explain. You're on the verge of walking and after that, you'll officially no longer be my little tiny baby. You'll have gained an even bigger sense of independence that I know you've been so eager to have and you will have almost leveled the playing field between you and your brother. You'll be able to run and play and explore in a whole new way and even if it means you need us a little less with each milestone, your Dad and I enjoy being a part of it all each and every day. You bring so much love and light to this world. You are one of the most special people I've been blessed to know and I'm even more blessed to be able to call you mine. I have cherished every single day of your first year and I am just as eager and excited to be a part of many more days in your future. I love you to the moon and back, sweet boy. Happy 1st Birthday!!!