Oct 27, 2013

Life in California

Hi there! Remember me?... I know, it's been awhile. But as an attempt to catch you up, I thought I would share with you some pictures from a few fun weekends Jay and I had with the boys. Since we're new to California and all, we've designated Sunday as our one day out of the week where we try to check out a new place or experience something fun, so here's what we've been up to!

Our first weekend here we REALLY wanted to go to the Griffith Park Observatory. We quickly found out though, that that is not a place you really go on a whim when you've got two young boys. It's more of a plan in advance, get your tickets online and get there early type of place. Otherwise you're parking 1-2 miles away and hiking up the hill just to get in. Didn't sound like fun to us, so we bailed and drove around the hollywood hills in attempt to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign for ourselves. And personally, I think this was probably more fun. Especially once we found it in a place where we could get out and take pictures. I'm sure the people who lived in this neighborhood didn't mind much ;0).
We had lunch in the city at some amazing little Italian restaurant we found nearby and felt a little bit like a local for the first time since we got here. It was the best day. 

The next weekend was just for the girls! My sweet sweet cousin took me out for a night on the town. The first since Sylas was born, if I might add, and we had such a great time. Universal Studios is always fun but add a few more drinks and it becomes a blast! Howl at the Moon is a dueling piano bar where we spent most of our time. Can't wait to take Jay here, it was some of the best entertainment yet. 
Next up was the weekend we went to Lombardi Ranch to have a little October fun with the family. From pumpkin picking to corn maze walking to petting the goats, it really helped it feel a little more like Fall than it has so far. Except that it was almost 90 degrees. We're definitely not used to this kind of Fall weather but I'll take it over being cold any day. 
Last weekend we decided to head to the beach for the first time since we got here. Ventura isn't that far so we decided that would be perfect! The weather was beautiful so it truly made for one of the best days to go. As per the locals, sometimes the beach weather is better in the Spring and the Fall than it is in the summer - weird, huh? So glad we got to take advantage of one of those amazing weather days in order to spend some quality time together. First, lunch at a taco hut on the pier and then lots of fun in the surf. And for Vincent, having a jungle gym at the beach was probably on his top ten list of most amazing things ever. His smile made the whole weekend. 
Poor Sylas did not love the cold water on his feet. But luckily playing in the sand made up for it :0)
Vincent on the other hand surprisingly loved it.
He practically submerged himself at one point and cried when we had to leave. Could not be happier that he loves these simple things in life like spending time together near the ocean. 

Finally, after researching free things to do with your kids in L.A. we decided to check out the Travel Town Museum down near Griffith Park. And let me just say, this deserves two thumbs up for sure. In fact I think it's probably one of the coolest free things i've ever been to. It's a "railroad petting zoo" of sorts where people can climb up and walk around old trains and railroad memorabilia. There's a little train that kids can ride around the whole thing and lots of cute photo opportunities for moms and dad's like us. Not the biggest of places we've been to but just enough to keep an easily distracted guy interested and having fun. 
So much fun for big and small. 
Absolutely love adventuring in this city with my sweet little family. My heart could not be happier here.