Sep 3, 2013

A Few Yummy Treats

First up: Homemade and healthy pumpkin bread with chocolate chips
When you're missing your husband and there's nothing you can do about it, the best therapy is whipping something up that is easy to ship and that he can still enjoy long distance. So, despite the craziness that is my life these days, I recently decided to bake up some of this yummy pumpkin bread and sent off a little piece of home to my sweet guy in California.
And the best part of the recipe..? It makes two! So the boys and I got to enjoy exactly what Jay did. And man did they eat this up, Woah! 
So good. 

Pancakes are a weekly occurance (at least) in this Turri house, but it's usually Bisquick or Trader Joe's ready-to-go pancake mix. I'm really not a morning person so if I have to slave over breakfast I'm not going to be a happy camper. But last week I thought "you know what? I'm going to try some from scratch"... So I did. And for once I actually had everything I needed right in the pantry. The recipe I used was another I found on Pinterest (I'm sure you're not surprised) but man were they good! And healthy again too - which is always a bonus. A little sweet and a lot dense from the oatmeal which made them filling and even better than that, they only made 7. Which is perfect these days because I definitely don't know how to cook for just Vincent and I. So this made just enough for two hungry boys and their mom to enjoy without a lot of leftovers. Sylas and I shared one and it was more than enough. Vincent must be growing again so he ate three and wanted more but at least that meant they were good, right?! 
FYI: this stack is minus the three that Vincent had already eaten. Don't look half bad, eh?
These will definitely be replacing the box of Bisquick in my pantry, though I'm sure once our family is reunited I will have to start doubling the recipe ;0). 

And finally: Spiffed up brownies 
It's kind of hard to take credit for this when technically they're just box brownies with a little spiffing up.. but I will take credit for making them just a little more special than normal. So, next time you need to bring a dessert somewhere but don't want to put a lot of effort, maybe try these! All I did was I baked my box of brownies in a pie pan instead and then once they were cooled and ready to eat I made them even more decadent by spreading on some frosting and then topping the whole thing with raspberries. The brownies with the frosting were super super sweet but the addition of the raspberries cut right into the sweetness making it the perfect combination, and the perfect easy dessert. At least I thought so.
Nothing much to say other than YUM! And this made leftovers that actually got eaten for once. YUM YUM!