Jul 24, 2013

Three Days on the Left Coast

It's hard to believe we've already been home for over a week when the anticipation of actually going on the vacation seemed to last forever. But as the saying goes, "time flies when you're having fun", and that's exactly what we had recently- a blast! We left Albuquerque on a Wednesday night after Jay got off work, drove to Laughlin, NV and spent the night, then drove the rest of the way Thursday morning. Here's what time we got into Laughlin...
It was probably a little further than we should have gone but only having to drive 4 hours the next day made it SO worth it. None of us really got much sleep but lucky for the boys they were able to sleep in the car. 
And Jay and I were too excited to feel any kind of fatigue though we were probably more tired than them. 
First stop once we got to our California destination... Some good ol' classic In 'N Out Burger. 
It definitely hit the spot after so much driving. 
And then we had lots and lots of catching up to do. Our little family missed these girls so much!
California Day 1: An hour to Pine Mountain and an entire day of outside fun 
Oh, and Buzz Lightyear of course. Sweet Dallas shared him with Vincent and for three days he never left his side... 
Trying to get seven kids to look and smile at the same time... I think it's impossible. 
Pretty much the sweetest cousin time ever and enjoying California's version of the outdoors. In love. 
The best part of the day for Jay... catching a fish just seconds after throwing his line in! What a catch!! ;0)
Our day ended with pizza and quite a speedy drive home  because Sylas was in no mood for the car. But we had a GREAT time. Spent no money and really just got to enjoy each others company and the outdoors. The perfect first official day to our vacation. 

California Day 2: An hour to Carpinteria Beach and another full day of fun in the sun! 
With hands and toes in the sand
Arms digging holes deep enough so that little guys can stand inside

And lots of relaxing

We absolutely LOVED our time at the beach. It was overcast and beautiful. The water was cold but the sand was warm. The town was adorable and the people were friendly. Such a great place to be. Seriously can't wait to go back. 
And, because we obviously didn't get enough of the water, we spent the evening at my Aunt and Uncle's house swimming in their pool :0) 
I definitely think we have two little fishies on our hands. We could barely get them out! Sylas took to the water immediately and was kicking his tiny feet like crazy. If you weren't holding onto his floaty toy he would kick himself all around the pool. And Vincent was so brave, all he wanted to do was go down the slide with Daddy over and over and over again. I don't think i've laughed so hard watching him do that for the first time. Such great memories. 

3rd and final day in California: An hour to Disney!..Or Downtown Disney in our case.
On our way out of town Jay and I really wanted to do a trip to Disneyland. Unfortunately, we couldn't justify the amount of money it was going to take to get our family in so we decided Downtown Disney would be just as fun for our little men who won't even remember anyway :0).
So we shopped. And got Vincent his very own Buzz Lightyear and his first set of Legos from the Lego store!
And then we did the most amazing thing. We had lunch at Goofy's Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel. If you're ever in the area and want to experience your kids meeting the characters without paying to get into the park.. this is where you need to go. Still a little expensive for lunch but the food was great and the experience was SO SO worth the money. 
Why..? Because we all got to meet these guys! 
Chip & Dale...
But best of all.. GOOFY! 
This smile made my entire day. Happiest boy ever. 
And finally, a moment to sum up the entire trip..Vincent lasering Dale with his Buzz Lightyear! haha and the most perfect picture capturing it all. 
All in all we truly had the time of our lives. It was an extremely overdue vacation and one that was so packed full that we wasted no time making the most of every second. It went way too quick but the memories will last a lifetime. 
Until next time, California! We will miss you!!