Jul 22, 2013

Fifty and Fabulous

This past weekend a very special person in my life celebrated a milestone birthday that deserved much much more of a celebration than dinner and cake. So, I threw her a party! Thanks to Pinterest and some very helpful family members who provided some of the food, my Mom got her birthday party on with all of those who are near and dear. And I couldn't have been more excited to celebrate such a beautiful person. Here are a few pictures of the occasion...
A grill, hauled all the way from Santa Fe, that my uncle Paul used to cook some amazing BBQ.
The food table with all things personalized
And some yummy summer drinks with coordinating party cups and straws
The desserts were definitely calling my name all evening
Especially these puppies
Birthday decor in her favorite colors
And the sweetest pictures of my Mom as a little girl along with a sign that reminded everyone that gas wasn't always as expensive... ;0). 
Best of all though, was the time spent with family that we don't see often enough though we live in the same state. 
And being there to sing happy birthday, watch her blow out her five candles and above all, share in her special day. 
Mom, you are beautiful and kind and absolutely love our family. You're fifty and fabulous and are 100% someone I look up to. I hope one day when I'm fifty, many many years from now ;0), I am half the person you are, half the mom you are and half as respected and wise. 
You're my Mom and best friend. You have taught me what it is to be strong and fun and responsible for my children. You have filled my life with amazing memories and can't wait to make even more over the next 50. You are so so special and deserved every second of your celebration. Thank you for allowing me to celebrate you. It was the best ever! 

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