Jul 5, 2013

Seven Months Big

These past few weeks have been speeding by and here we are already, celebrating you at SEVEN months old!! One of my favorite places to be I might add.. though I like to celebrate you everyday :0).
The theme for this month, without a doubt, is squirmy baby. So squirmy that it's exhausting to hold you these days because you're SO anxious to be big. You try to push away or climb up anyone who's got you in their arms and it's tough to wrangle you up. Most of the time it's easiest to let you play on the floor and when it's safe to do so, you are THIS (picture my fingers less than an inch apart) close to crawling. You can push your tush way up in the air and you can use your arms to prop yourself way up but you haven't quite learned how to do both simultaneously. You get aggravated that you can't do it but you're very determined. You're only days away I'm sure and I seriously can't believe you're almost mobile. 
When you're not on the floor almost crawling or when you're not trying to wrangle free from whoever's got you, Mom and Dad have started putting you in your walker. And for the first five minutes or so you actually love it! Vincent loves it too. He think it's hilarious that he can scoot you around. As long as he's not going too fast you think it's hilarious too. And I love taking pictures of it. 
I also love taking pictures of your teeth. They're so dang adorable and a new one seems to pop up each month. Like the third one that's really blurry to the left of your bottom teeth that just came to the surface a week ago. They never seem to bother you so that's a bonus and somehow we got totally lucky because you're not slobbery either. It's the little things in life that we are grateful for and that is one of them, so thank you ;0). 
And with all those teeth we've started experimenting with regular food. Cheerios are fun to share with your brother (As long as someone is supervising. Your brother is very quick!). But pancakes really seem be the fave so far. We could barely contain you from just grabbing the whole thing and going at it. I guess maybe we should have? Lucky for you pancakes are a regular in our house so you'll have plenty more chances to try them out. Oh, and you're also officially a sippy cup drinker now! It took a few weeks to get the hang of drinking more than just one sip but you definitely have it down now. 
Another big change this month is documented by this picture. Sitting like a big boy in the grocery cart! A few times recently, when it's been just you and me, you finally got the pleasure of sitting front row at the grocery store. You were the center of attention on many an aisle and we also finally got to use the cart to hold our groceries. I never knew I would take that for granted but when you have two kiddos that take up the cart, you really learn how to improvise where the groceries go. 

A downside to month seven is your sleep schedule. Day time naps are fine. Perfect in fact, because I just put you in your crib and you go right to sleep (swaddled of course - that I can't seem to break you of, but if you're cool with it I am too). Night time is not so smooth sailing anymore though. You go to sleep fine but you suddenly want to nurse during the night. Sometimes up to three times! I'm not sure how to fix it so for now we are back to long sleepy nights. I just keep reminding myself it won't be forever, and that seems to help ;0). 

Every day you seem to learn new things and get just a little bit more independent. You're happy and smiley and content 98% of the time and I am reminded every morning, when you wake me up bright and early, how blessed I am to call you mine. Those big 'ol eyes of yours sure know how to melt my heart. I love the moments that I have you all to myself and hope as you grow you and I always have this strong and beautiful bond we've formed. I will never stop working on it as long as I live. You are my baby and I absolutely love you to the moon and back. 
Happy seven months, baby boy! XOXO