Jul 1, 2013

A Movie Experience

All of the "firsts" these days seem to only come from our littlest. First smile, first laugh, first tooth, etc. etc. etc... But just last weekend Jay and I got to give Vincent another first time experience that we were just as excited about as he was.

The Movies!

Vincent is IN LOVE with all things Disney and Pixar movies. We've watched so many cute ones recently to include Monster's Inc., Despicable Me, Cars 2 and Wall-E to name a few. He loves to have them on while he plays around the house and takes the smallest little details to mind. He memorizes them and interprets them and replays them back to us by saying the darndest things. So, since we finally had a free weekend, Jay and I decided we would take Vincent to see Monster's University and give him his first movie theater experience!

He. Was. Excited!.. to say the least.
He absolutely loves Sulley and Mike and all of the cute characters from the first Monster's Inc. movie so he was really looking forward to seeing another movie with them in it ;0). 
And to give him the full movie theater experience we had to get popcorn! 
Then we found our theater 
And our seats. Glad i'm not the only one whose legs are too short to reach the floor ;0).
The first showing of the movie was sold out when we got there so we had to wait about 40 minutes for the next one. With as fun a dad as Jay is though, 40 minutes when by in a flash! And luckily our boy didn't seem to mind a bit. At least not when he learned he could throw popcorn!! 
Two hours after that and our movie theater experience was over but Mr. V truly enjoyed every second of it. He sat in his chair the entire time and would laugh and laugh out loud at the funny parts. He didn't quite understand the concept of whispering if he had a question like "where'd Sulley go?!?" but I don't think many people minded. The theater was completely full of kids just like him so it was quite the toddler experience. I was almost obnoxious enough to take pictures or video of him during the movie because he was just SO happy that i hated to miss the photo-op but I will keep those snap-shots in my memory for always. His sweet little excited face was absolutely the best. And since Monster's University was such a success, I'm seeing more movie theater visits in our future. Can anyone say Despicable Me 2 or Planes?! Yes!
...Don't you just love movie theater lighting...? no. 
Can't wait for many many more movie outings like these with our boys. It was the best!