Jun 8, 2013

An Evening of Baseball

Jay and I have been working hard. Like no rest for the weary hard, moving our lives back up to the NE side of town. So when he was given free tickets to a Monday night Isotopes game I couldn't be more excited to do something that had nothing to do with unpacking boxes. 

Even if our seats were the only ones in the park that were still in the blazing hot sun.
And even though we had to buy a $16 Orbit stuffed animal just so we could leave the souvenir shop without a two year old tantrum... 
And even though we were only able to take pictures with statue version of him... 
I was just happy to be outside enjoying some time with my favorite guys. 
And even though we forgot the tickets and had to go back, only saw maybe one ball thrown and left the game during the fourth inning because it was already 8:30 and had to carry two heavy guys all the way back to the car... it was still worth it. Love spending time and making memories with the three guys I'm lucky enough to call mine no matter what the situation. GOOOOOO Topes! ;0)