Jun 7, 2013

Six Months Big

Sylas Dean Turri
6 Months Old
Weight: 16 lbs - 21st percentile
Height: 27 inches - 65th percentile
head circ: 17 3/4 inches - 91st percentile

Where has the time gone? half a year seems to be gone in the blink of an eye. And look how big you are now! Growing bigger every second it seems and cuter and cuter every day. There's no question about that :0)
You're so charismatic, your facial expressions say it all. You smile and laugh and coo and scream and rarely ever cry. You work those eye brows up and down and every which way and make me laugh. You're silly but calm and you're probably the most easy going of all of us, still. You continue to watch people as if it's your job though it's grown from just watching Vincent to taking in everyone around you. So much so that eating has become more of a chore lately because you get distracted easily. Lunch is out if there's too much going on around you to focus on eating. In fact Dad and Vincent have gotten in trouble a time or two for that exact reason ;0). Luckily, being distracted is the only thing keeping you from eating because you seem to love everything you've been given so far. Besides rice cereal of course. From bananas to avocados and mixed veggies you don't mind eating any and everything right up. Just another way you're proving yourself to be the easiest baby ever. Thank you. 
Your hair is just as silly as you are - meaning the mohawk is in full effect this month. One person even commented recently as we walked by them in a store "aww, I love his haircut!"... As much as I love your hair-do, I would never go so far as to cut it this way. But I absolutely love that your coolness literally cannot contain itself and grew you the most hip hair-do around. And you pull it off better than anyone. 
The bond between you and your brother is tighter then ever this month. He's started sharing with you and gives you more hugs and kisses then ever. When he does, you snuggle into him or grab his face. Sometimes you accidentally pull his hair or scratch him but luckily he gets over it quickly. He is right there every time you wake up from a nap and is so excited he can barely contain himself. I'd say he's come around in a big way and I'm so glad he can finally see in you what I know you've seen in him this whole time. You two really are the sweetest brothers I've ever met.  
As for milestones this month, you are good at so many new things! You were already good at rolling over but now you roll and roll and roll. If something is out of reach.. no problem! You just roll to get whatever you need. And quick too! No more sitting on our bed without someone right there or I'm scared to think what may happen. But even on the floor, the furniture is dangerous too. So unless you're in your jumper or walker, you are never alone. Who knows what you may roll into if you were left alone for too long. You've also begun pushing against things with your feet while you're on your tummy and can scoot forward a bit. I've seen times where you try pushing your little tush in the air but the actual act of crawling is yet to be discovered. Though I don't think it will take you long to figure out. Also this month, sitting up all by yourself is no longer a problem for you at all! For weeks you could sit up but would topple over at a moments notice. Especially if you thought it would be a good idea to get that cute foot of yours into your mouth. But now, you can sit and play and reach and sit back up all by yourself and it's awesome! It makes interacting with you even more fun (if that's possible) because I don't have to prop you up or sit you in my lap. Instead, I can play with you from the front and oh how we all enjoy this new perspective. 

You've endured two trips to Angel Fire this month. One of which included A LOT of new people and strangers who couldn't get enough of your cuteness. A baby shower, a seven year old's birthday party, a visit from Hawaii, and a move to a new house across town. Month six brought a lot of new milestones including another tooth and baby food eating as a daily part of your diet and routine. You continue to wow us with your go-with-the-flow attitude and I have to say I am SO thankful for it. These first six months have been so completely full of love thanks to the addition of you to our family. You truly are a miracle to us and we cannot wait to see what the next six months brings. I'm sure they'll continue to fly by just as these first six did but we simply cannot wait and will continue to celebrate you and all of your sweetness daily.