Apr 2, 2013

B.Kerwin Photo Shoot

If you and I are friends on Facebook then you have probably already seen what beautiful pictures a dear friend of ours took for us a couple weeks ago. But, because I wanted to be able to share them myself I've decided to post my favorites here!

So you've been warned then.. of the contents of this new post. If you've already seen them before, feel free to move along with your day. Or look again. Or if its your first time, I hope you enjoy perusing through them! Because, though I'm biased, I am in love with these and hope you find them just as beautiful :0). If you do, B.Kerwin Photography is your girl :0). Enjoy!

And not to leave our big boy out... (though it wasn't as easy to keep him involved ;0))
SO glad to have these. Thank you, Bre, to the moon and back, for capturing the love our family has for each other and for the sweetness that is my two babies faces.