Apr 15, 2013

Easter Fun

Don't get me wrong, I've always loved Easter. But this year, with a two year old who finally grasped the concept of the Easter bunny, egg dying, egg hunting, easter baskets and lots of candy, I have to say 2013 was the best Easter yet! Here's how ours went :0)

Never colored two dozen eggs so fast in my life.
Stickers way more fun to stick on ourselves than on the eggs. 
Then getting to eat one that we cracked during the process - yum!
Finding all of the eggs the Easter bunny hid for our special big guy. 
An exception to the rule no candy for breakfast. 
And an over flowing Easter tin that once was his Dad's when he was two years old. Vincent doesn't know it yet, but that's pretty special. 
Easter gifts for big and small. Though our littlest was way more excited about trying to get that bag in his mouth rather than seeing what was inside ;0).
A bubble gun and new sunglasses for our biggest made for lots of fun in the sun once we got to G-Lo's house for brunch. Only 10:30am and the fun just hadn't stopped. 
A babe dressed in his most Easter appropriate colors and enjoying his first warm holiday. 
More egg hunting 
and basket filling.
And one tuckered out little man. 
Life truly is way more fun when you're able to make family traditions, like everything Vincent experienced that Sunday, fun for your children. His excitement over the fact that the Easter bunny came to visit him while he slept and left him so many goodies was the most precious thing to watch and play into. Having an excuse to buy new toys and accessories to fill Easter baskets fulfilled this girl's shopping needs and two weeks later, the fact that they both still want to play with those new toys is a win in my book :0). March never had a more fun day.