Mar 26, 2013

Four Months in

Happy four months Mr. Sylas! I may never get used to how fast time seems to fly but watching you grow and change each month is most definitely worth the speed of things. As with every month so far, you have without a doubt continued to amaze us. Your happiness, your strength and everything in between, you are so so special.
This month, while allergies and teething try to get the best of you, you continue to grow and change into our little big guy! You've become a champ at tummy time and can hold your head and arms up for so long, it amazes me every time. As always you're eager to stand and your Dad and I love to help you as long as you're willing. Your favorite this month seems to be watching your big brother though. Whether he's playing with Dad or just by himself, I can't help but see the admiration already growing inside of you. I can't imagine what your relationship will grow to be but I hope you always keep that innocent love I see in your eyes for him. He'll come around to you too - he's just getting used to sharing ;0).

This month we've also started learning how to roll over! One second you seem just on the verge while others not so much but either way, you'll get it! Same with sitting up by yourself. One day you couldn't and the next you can hold yourself there for a few seconds at a time. Another thing you seemed to develop over night is your hand eye coordination. Your new thing is to reach out for things and grab onto them. Immediately putting them in your mouth. And your grip is TIGHT! I know because you were quick to show me by grabbing my hair. I knew I cut my hair short for a reason ;0).
Mr. Snake is your favorite toy, but with those bottom teeth just about to pop up (we hope), your Dad and I are always prepared with multiple fun things to chew on in order to help sooth those baby gums of yours. Hoping and wishing your teeth come in like Vincent's - all before one and so quickly that those gums don't have to be sore for long.

You're still an awesome sleeper and don't mind not being held 24/7. Playing by yourself is almost as much fun as playing with mom and dad and car rides are still soothing. Even long ones. You've developed a hate hate relationship with the nose sucker even though it's only here to help you. And your feet are pretty funny too now that Mommy has helped show them to you. Soon I'm sure you'll think they taste good but no pressure learning that trick. Only if you're feeling it :0). 

Finally, and as it is with each month, I can see your world broadening and absolutely love watching you take it all in. Things that have surrounded you this whole time are starting to look familiar or interesting or exciting. Just like during your four month photo shoot. Finally noticing your photo companion and really taking him in. It was so CUTE watching you get to know each other ;0).
I'm pretty positive he was glad to get to know you too - I mean who wouldn't?! 

All these things aside, your mom and dad and big bro think you're one special guy. Month five is sure to be filled with even more fun and learning and growing and milestones and I feel blessed to be the one to share in all of them and in your journey. Every day I am proud to be your mommy.