Feb 26, 2013

Growing Better With Age

That's how I feel about my guy - growing up and turning into someone so special. Not that he wasn't special already ;0).

A few weeks ago (I'm totally behind on this post) we celebrated 29! The last b-day before 30 and the first b-day as a family of four! It was also the first year we celebrated by ourselves so the boys and I tried to make it extra special!

A birthday banner, presents and a yummy peanut buttery blonde dessert.
Dinner at Texas Roadhouse and a special Cheers! with our boy who was so happy to celebrate his daddy.
And finally, dessert, candles and James Bond to end the night.
It may not have been the biggest party ever, but I have to say, there is something so so special about the intimate family celebration we had on our own. Plus, who can complain about prolonging the birthday fun by celebrating with family the rest of the week!! ;0)

It really was the sweetest way to begin the official countdown to Jay's next big birthday milestone - 30! Can't wait!!

And, so I don't get even more behind.. guess who is already three months old!?!
Our sweet baby boy continues to amaze us on the daily. He sleeps through the night, he has practically put himself on a sleeping/nursing/playing schedule that is so so easy and he is always SO happy!
Last month we saw our first smiles and this month, it's laughing!! Sweet sweet music to my ears laughing. My heart just melts. Vincent loves to laugh and be silly so now that Sylas is responding to happiness in the same sweet way, we couldn't be happier. It keeps us acting silly just so we can continue seeing those smiles and filling our home with lots of laughter.

This month has also brought lots of bumbo sitting and jumperoo playing for our extremely strong little guy. He recently started insisting on standing so Jay and I got him a really cool Jumperoo off Craigslist that he can bounce and play in whenever he wants!
Notice big brother trying to help :0)
Or sleep in..
Tummy time has also been filing our days, helping our little guy strengthen his arms and his neck! He doesn't seem to hate it as much as his big bro did so I actually have the chance to take lots of pics before he looses his cool ;0)
He is growing so fast and changing so quickly that these days I couldn't be happier that I get to be home with my two favorite boys. They definitely make each day an adventure and I am so glad I don't get to miss out on it.