Jan 25, 2013

Look Who's Two!... months that is

The fact that I'm already writing a blog post about Sylas being two months old baffles my mind, truly. It feels like just yesterday I was anticipating his arrival and here he is just being a big boy already! Oh how he melts my heart.
Month two has brought lots of new changes for our tiny guy. All of which proves how much they grow and change in such a small amount of time. Our guys is now 11 pounds 3 ounces and 23 inches long! Somehow this puts him low on the percentile charts but I have no doubt he's right on his way to being as big and strong as his daddy. Month two also brings lots and lots of head lifts during tummy time and the best yet... talking! He "agooo's" all day long while he's awake and I just can't help but soak it all in. Lots of times those "agoos" are accompanied by the sweetest little toothless grin that kills me! It's probably a good thing he can't ask for things yet because with that smile, he'd get any and everything. I'm such a sucker for my boys sweetness. 

Another change this month is he's finally outgrown all his newborn clothes! On one hand I am incredibly sad because this means I must finally part with our tiniest baby clothes. On the other hand, this means I finally get to see another tiny babe wearing some of my favorite Vincent outfits. Like these jamies.. 
 my favorite skull socks
 and this onesie and baby vans!
I forgot how fun it is to dress a baby and see what new outfits fit each day. It's the little things in life :0) 

Also since I last posted, our family has been on the go go go... We celebrated a very merry Christmas over the span of two days and three different houses where we were spoiled with so many thoughtful and heart felt gifts and spent lots of genuine time with our family. 
We also drove down to Alamogordo for a Green/Turri/Prell family reunion at Jay's grandparents house. 
It was the perfect setting to introduce our newest and for Vincent to play with his big boy cousins and Grandmom of course ;0)
While we were there we took a day trip to White Sands, which was a first for me!
So so glad my boys didn't have to wait 25 years to visit such a fun place! I think it may have to be a "must do" anytime we head down south from now on. 
One of the best parts of the trip though was capturing special moments like this!
Three first cousins with seven second cousins
And, Jay's 106 year old great Grandmom with her seven great great grandsons! 
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say not too many people have a picture like this - so amazing!

Finally, to conclude our month, we took a much needed vacay to Angel Fire where we finally got to see some snow!!
I also got to catch up on some crafting projects 
and the boys got to make us girls a yummy dinner!
Mostly it was just another chance to relax and enjoy each others company. Especially since it was too cold to really do anything else!! 
But what a better place to do it :0)

...Until next time!!