Nov 1, 2012

36 Weeks & Happy Halloween!

The count down has begun... and as of today, I have 26 days or less - but let's all pray for less days because unfortunately at this point the excitement of being so close is taken over by my severe complaint of being uncomfortable. More often than not, breathing is hard, sitting kills my back but standing for too long is definitely out of the question. Oh and sleeping.. well that's hit or miss most nights. You know, between having to pee every couple of hours and needing help just to turn over... So basically, I'm anxious to not be pregnant anymore. Or maybe i'm just anxious to carry my baby boy in my arms instead :0) - I think that's it.  The good news from yesterdays doctors appointment is everything looks right on track and baby boy is healthy and doing well in there. She also told me I'm 1 centimeter dilated so that's kind of exciting! Also during todays appointment I pre-registered for labor and delivery. That makes us just one step closer to meeting our baby boy - yay!

Meanwhile, as I continue to "suck it up" these last couple days, we have no shortage of things to keep us busy. The most recent being Halloween!
As you may know, Halloween is definitely NOT my favorite. In fact, it's probably my least favorite of all the holidays. Having Vincent helps make it more fun though. He's the perfect excuse to bring me out of my "bah humbug" attitude towards the day.

So this year, we all got in the spirit. We carved our pumpkin - which Vincent got to pick out at school last week for FREE! Major plus.

And we dressed up!
Just like last year, I ended up buying two different costumes because I couldn't decide. The one he ended up wearing was definitely the cuter of the two - and kind of hilarious. Such a sophisticated little golfer ;0)
And Jay completed the look by playing the part of Vincent's Caddy - the perfect pair!
The weather was perfect so we did some trick-or-treating.
And made out with just enough candy to last us a couple of days. Perfect!
Overall, I'd say Halloween was great this year. I can't say i'm counting down the days until next year but I am excited it's at least out of the way so I can start focusing on some even better holidays coming up next! ;0)

Hope yours was great too!!