Oct 23, 2012

Our Recent Family Photo Shoot

A couple weeks ago, Jay, Vincent and I got to spend some much needed time away at Jay's parents house in Angel Fire. We cherish the time we get to spend together as a whole family but even more so when we can do it in the high country. There's just something about that place that instantly makes you relax and really reconsider what's important in life. That's why Jay and I were SO excited when we were able to take advantage of the beautiful Angel Fire surroundings to take a few family/maternity pics!

While I was pregnant with Vincent it seemed like we had all the time in the world to prepare for him so we actually had a real maternity photo shoot done with one of our dear friends, Bri Kerwin @ This pregnancy, sadly, our lives are so incredibly busy we're lucky to be able to plan anything in advance to prepare us for baby #2. Lucky for us though, Jay's amazingly talented brother, Ryan was able to take a few pics for us while we were in Angel Fire so that we could document this very exciting time in our lives. And here are a few of our favorites...
This was not a staged photo but maybe that's why I love it so much :0) 
I truly feel these pictures capture perfectly, how happy we are as a family of three preparing for our newest member. Thank you, Ryan, for taking the time out of your relaxing weekend to take these for us. We are forever grateful and will cherish them always!