Oct 9, 2012

33 Weeks!

and nesting..
It's even carried over into my blog. In case you haven't noticed, there's a new title and yet again, a new look.
At this point, nesting is what I do best - I simply can't help myself to constantly think of how to rearrange, update or change everything! Thank god for Jay, he's doing a great job of putting up with me when it comes to working on stuff in our house ;0) Luckily he knows it will all be over soon... Once baby boy comes, I won't be wanting to do much of anything except soak in the joy of our recently grown family.

Speaking of nesting though, Jay and I made some serious progress on baby boy's nursery this past weekend. We put his crib together and made the bed, with new bedding and all. We washed WAY too many clothes to stock his drawers and closet for the entire first year.

This was just one load. And it was only onesies from new born to 9 months :0/
We  painted.
And finally, we finished off the weekend by christening his new room with his name.
I made this banner (or bunting if you want to get technical) for our shower as a way of filling everyone in on the big secret and was so excited to add it as a decoration to his nursery. It's official now!!
I also recently finished my 2nd (if you count the banner as my 1st) project for baby Sylas, a crochet blanket!
Now all we have is two small projects to finish up and the nursery will be complete! Besides folding and hanging all of the washed clothes, of course. So glad to everything will be ready in time for his arrival. Makes me even more anxious to finally bring him home. Just a couple more weeks!!