Sep 25, 2012

31 weeks!

With only 9 weeks left in this pregnancy, you can say that things have definitely gone into hyperdrive here in the Turri house. For instance, just last weekend, even with a sick baby boy and a trip to the emergency room, Jay and I some how managed to still move our bedroom back downstairs so we can finally get started on the nursery. Not being able to work on it because we were technically still living in his room, was something that recently started to stress me out. But, now that we're moved I can finally breath a sigh of relief that his room will actually be ready in time :0). Now time for the fun part.. decorating!

Being this far along also brings changes to my doctors visits. Rather than monthy, we are there every two weeks now!! The most recent doctors visit we had told us baby boy is growing right on track and that i'm measuring right where I should be for how far along I am. Which is great news, considering I've been told more than once now that I look big enough to be having twins! My doctor told me it's beacuse I'm short that my baby bump looks deceptively large to others. And sadly, i'm sure i'll have to keep reminding myself of that since I will only continue to get bigger over these last couple of weeks and people apparently can't keep their comments to themselves.. hmph! ;0)

Overall though, life is great right now. Fall is FINALLY here and there are so many great things to look forward to. There's the Balloon Fiesta and McCall's Pumpkin Patch. A trip to Angel Fire and our baby shower! The Lion King on Broadway and finally, the birth of our sweet baby boy. I think Vincent is actually starting to understand a little that there's going to be another baby in the house but as to how he adjusts, i'm going to be optimistic :0). Until then, we are definitely not taking for granted the time we have left being a family of three. And that means lots and lots of Vincent loving. And spoiling. And snuggling...