Sep 4, 2012

28 Weeks!

And you know what that means? I'm officially in my third trimester! I got the e-mail notification this morning and just about fell out of my chair. Where has the time gone?! I thought I had so much time left..? I guess it's time to start crackin' on his nursery and getting our house in order for our newest addition, he'll be here before we know it! One of the most fun parts about being so much closer to delivery is we recently started planning our baby shower! It's more like a baby celebration because we have most everything we need but, not to be left out, our new little guy still needs to be celebrated! And we are so thankful our family is helping us do that. We are definitely looking forward to all of the baby festivities.

While we continue counting down to Baby T's arrival, our family of three recently decided to do a little Labor Day weekend camping.. ;0)
And what better place than in our very own living room!
Jay and I had already made plans to do an open house both Saturday and Sunday, so real outdoor camping was sort of out of the question. If you ask me though, I think we had more fun doing it this way ;0).
Excuse the blurri-ness. He was a little overly excited
Not to mention we had a great view!! 
Can't wait to do it again! And maybe next time it will actually be outdoors. The backyard is definitely not off limits ;0)