Aug 21, 2012

26 Weeks

In the three weeks since I last posted, a lot of life has happened... Baby boy has grown from the size of a large mango to the length of a cucumber! We had our 6 month checkup yesterday afternoon and everything is looking great. Next stop for me is the glucose test, which i'm not looking forward to, but since it's all for a good cause I'll be sure to suck it up ;0).
As for my other little man, well, he got a bed upgrade! And Jay and I now get a little extra rest every night.
For the past 6 weeks or so, Vincent has refused to sleep in his crib. Not sure if it was just too small for him or he didn't like the confinement, but one night he decided he had had enough of that!! So, until we could get his new big boy bed, he cuddled up with us. Which was ok... but only in the short term. Last Saturday night though, marked one week of sleeping through the night in his own bed. Surprisingly, he LOVES it! And if he does wake up during the night, all he needs is a little snuggle from one of us and he's back to sleep. After 20 months of never consistently sleeping through the night, Jay and I are over joyed! At least now we can try and catch up on some Zzz's before we get to start the whole thing over again :0).
The other new milestone for Vincent is NO MORE BINKY! Pretty much immediately after starting day care, our little guy caught a cold (of which he is still battling, but that's another story!) And because he couldn't breathe well out of his nose, he couldn't suck on his binky. So that was that! And trust me, none of us have looked back since. That may be the only good thing that came from these horrible day care germs, but what a blessing in disguise it was!

On a more serious note, the Turri family had a terrible loss this past week that definitely threw us all for a loop. Jay's grandpa Tino suffered from Cancer that unfortunately went undetected by several different doctors. He went into the hospital on a Saturday night and by Tuesday we all were saying our "good byes". And what sad "good byes" they were. The sudden-ness of the whole thing, combined with the sadness of losing the elder of the family has made this whole situation one that will take some of us awhile to get over. And that's ok, because if anything became apparent during this whole thing, it's that the Turri family is so tight and strong, no one will ever be suffering alone. For the past 7 days, the family has banded together and celebrated the life of this special man. There has been lots of tears and hugs and laughs. Everyone has a special story to share about the man who touched their lives and it's so comforting and wonderful to hear them. Selfishly, I'm saddened to think that he won't be here to meet his newest great grandson, for I know he would have loved his Big Grandpa, but I am just so very thankful that I was able to know him for as long as I did and that Vincent and Jay had such a great relationship with him. The family Tino created is so amazing, and that is a true reflection on the father and grand father he was. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten. We all know he is watching over us now, at peace and at rest.
In the words of Valentino Turri
"Here's to us,
and those like us,
and those who don't want to be like us,
and those who will never be like us!"