Jul 31, 2012

23 Weeks!

It truly is amazing to me how much faster my body is reacting to being pregnant this time around. I had always heard that your body remembers what it's like to be pregnant and quickly stretches to accommodate the baby, but wow! Some days I just can't get over it. I just pray this little guy is deceiving us with his large-ness, because I still have 17 weeks to go and know he's only going to get bigger & bigger.
The best part about this point in my pregnancy is all of his movements are so much stronger that I finally get to feel him on a continuous basis throughout the day. I think he has a special thing for his dad too, because he is especially active when he hears him or feels the warmth of his hand. He may not be here yet, but we've all definitely formed a special bond and can't wait to welcome him into the world... although we have lots to get done before that happens! Our house has been on the market for two months now and we're hoping to be able to sell it and move by the end of the summer. We have a big boy room to set up for Vincent and a new nursery to put together before November so the sooner we can get into our new place the better! Needless to say, any and all positive house selling vibes from you would be greatly appreciated ;0) Until then, we have plenty to keep ourselves busy trying to sell it!!