Jun 29, 2012

Baby Makes Four

For those of you who already know, i'm sorry this is the first baby update. For everyone else.. SURPRISE! Jay and I are expecting baby number two and are SO SO excited. We are due to welcome our newest (and last) bundle of joy around November 27th which makes me 18 weeks along already!! This pregnancy has been flying by. Which is a blessing because the first 12 weeks were miserable to say the least. To all of those other mamas out there who had morning sickness during any of their pregnancies, I completely understand what you went through now - YUCK! So glad that didn't last! Now on to smoother sailing and lots of belly growing and baby bumpin' :0)
Last Friday was the most exciting day of the pregnancy so far. We got to find out the sex of our baby! Jay and I have had differing of opinions this whole time so we were anxious to find out who was right. With the beginning of my pregnancy being so different than it was with Vincent, I was sure it was a little girl. Jay however, said boy from the very beginning. Even after I started having dreams of us with a baby girl, he was still so sure. After our ultrasound, we took our envelope containing the verdict and headed to the Gap. We picked out a "going home" outfit for each gender and had the sales clerk wrap and pay for the right one while we waited outside. Afterwards we met some friends and family for lunch so we could all find out together! So, for those who don't know.. here's your answer!
It's a boy!!
And we couldn't be more thrilled. After Vincent, I have a HUGE sweet spot in my heart for baby boys so I can't wait to welcome another one into our lives - even if that does mean Jay was right :0). I may be completely outnumbered but I wouldn't have it any other way.  
After seeing this cutie for the first time, we can definitely say that we are already so in love. Even better is being able to feel his gentle kicks. Jay even felt him move for the first time on Sunday. Nothing compares to that.

Can't wait to meet you sweet baby boy!!