Feb 27, 2012

Staying Busy

A few weeks ago Jay and I were lucky enough to inherit a bread machine - how cool is that?! Jay's grandparents no longer needed theirs so we were happy enough to take it off their hands ;0). Me being someone who loves all things carbs (it's definitely my weakness), a bread machine is seriously my kind of tool to have. We couldn't wait to try it out so after a little internet searching we found a recipe for some honey whole wheat bread. I figured I would probably end up eating a large amount of it so might as well try to make it healthy!
Our first two attempts came out a little bit small but the four hour wait was worth it regardless. That, and the way it made our house smell... wow! I could make bread every day if only to keep that yummy smell around 24/7 :0). We will definitely be making lots more homemade bread - it's too easy not too!

Besides our efforts at baking, I also did a quick crochet project for a friend. One i think many of you may appreciate because it has to do with protecting the love of your life - your friendly e-reader! Our family has a Nook Color and as quickly as we got it we spent way too much on a cover from Barnes and Noble. My friend Chanelle on the other hand geniously asked me to crochet her a cover, and although I instantly kicked myself for not thinking of making my own e-reader one, I obliged and made her this!

All she requested was that it be blue, green and purple. Other than that, I got to come up with whatever I thought would work for her needs. I found this pattern for a Kindle Fire cover but midway through decided I had something better in mind. I'm pretty excited with how it came out and luckily her Kindle fits perfectly inside. Now it's protected from anything that can scratch it inside her purse!! It was a fun little project to  distract me from the fact that i'm battling a cold right now but really, I'd do anything for those I love whether I'm in tip-top shape or not. 

Now, to finish Mockingjay, the last of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Eeeek!