Mar 4, 2012

Disney Movies, Our Trip to the Mall and a Very Special Birthday Guy

What is it about Disney that is so appealing? I know I am guilty of having been obsessed a time or two about one Disney movie or another but at 14 1/2 months old, Vincent is already at the same level as so many other Disney lovers out there! At the moment Ratatouille is his absolute favorite and has practically been on repeat for way too long to admit. Last night, he even went so far as to pick it out of a stack of movies we accidentally had piled up right at his level making it the hundred and first time we've seen it this week! But, even if I have memorized all the words, it's hard to say no when something so simple as a movie can hold his attention so well. It turns into a productive time for Mommy when I know he won't be moving from the spot he's glued in for at least 20 minutes - it's a win-win for both of us ;0)

During one of the moments we weren't watching Ratatouille, Jay, Vincent and I ventured out to the mall to pick up a new shirt for an upcoming wedding we will be attending. Up until this point, the mall had never been a problem. But now that Vincent is an independent little walker we learned VERY quickly how much different outings like these are going to be now. In fact we may not be going anywhere like the mall anytime soon because they just aren't any fun anymore. Having to keep extremely careful watch out for our little one who only wanted to venture off on his own. Who SCREAMED and cried anytime we had to pick him up because he was wandering off in the wrong direction or because he was getting into everything makes the mall a not very fun place at all actually. The only thing that lifted all of our spirits was the merry-go-round right outside of the store we were shopping in. And even better, it was his first time! Thank god for some spare cash that got us on. It was just the ticket to making our trip there worth it :0)
Most important of all though, this weekend my family celebrated the birth of my Granddad.

Isn't he handsome?

 At this point, he is the only biological grand parent I have on this earth and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to grow up knowing him and be there to celebrate his life on his very special day :0). I am also the oldest of all of his grand kids and know how truly lucky I am to have had so many extra years with him as his one and only gal - you know, before all of the other grand children came along. I absolutely cherish all of the memories I have with him as a young child and all of those we are creating now that he is a Great Granddad - because he truly is great. 

Happy Birthday Granddad. I hope you know just how special you are and how much you mean to all of us. Here's wishing you have the most wonderful of birthdays!!