Feb 16, 2012

Our Valentino's Day

Valentine's Day has never really been a holiday Jay and I go all out for. Most years' we barely even remember to get each other cards. That's why this year felt so special; because we really made the effort to make it that way.

We had homemade dinner shared with our little one (although dinner with him makes every night special). Pasta with chicken and mushrooms in a wine and whiskey sauce - YUM!

A glass of my favorite wine
And a thoughtful gift from my special guy.
My dad used to give me Disney movies for VDay gifts when I was a little girl and I absolutely LOVE how Jay carried on the tradition. Plus he got bonus points for having got me one of my favorites :0)

Finally, Jay got to open his gift from me. 
An album of pictures I had done especially for him. 
Here's a glimpse at some of the pictures I'm willing to share from inside :0) 
A friend from high school started a company called The Pretty Committee and her, along with K.Mari Photography, did my hair, AMAZING makeup and took boudoir-ish photos especially for Valentine's Day. The whole experience was nothing short of memorable but I never once felt out of my comfort zone - which is saying a lot given the circumstances. I was lucky to have my side kick, Chanelle there for support too. 

All in all, it wound up being the best gift I could have ever given Jay. He definitely wasn't expecting it but he seems proud to have gotten it.  And it ended up being as much a gift for Jay as it was for me too. One where I could celebrate having lost all of my baby weight and feel proud and confident about the place I am at now in my life. It's a good feeling. 

Better than the gifts though, this Valentine's Day taught me a very important lesson. That maybe the "every-now-and-then" concept of being romantic is what makes it feel so much more special. And to really appreciate it when it finally makes an appearance :0)

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day too! XOXO