Jan 16, 2012

Crafting with Burlap

Now that the holidays are over I could not be happier to finally be able to start some crafting for the purpose of decorating my house. Giving homemade creations as gifts is always fun, but to be able to enjoy the hard work you put into something yourself, is nice sometimes too :0).

My latest creation is one I found the idea for on Pinterest. I know, you're surprised right..? ;0) but really, it's THE best place to find some of the most creative ideas ever and this one I just loved, a burlap wreath!

Wreaths are definitely "in" right now. From yarn covered wreaths to wreaths made out of ties, (both of which I have made) they are quite the trend, I'd say. So, when I found one on Pinterest that was made using burlap I was so excited! I loved the idea of having a cute and everyday kind of wreath that can stay up year around.

The link to the tutorial I followed is here. But, for the sake of showing you all how I did it, here's my own tutorial.

Things you'll need:
- a straw wreath form from your local craft store (I bought the largest one they had so as to try and fit my wall)
- burlap fabric (I purchased 2 yards and used every single inch of it)
- glue gun and glue (I used about ten sticks)
- scissors and or rotary cutter
- string or ribbon in order to hang it once your done
- optional: flower accessories.

The first step is to cut the burlap into six inch wide strips. Then glue gun one end of a burlap strip to the wreath and wrap continuously around and around until it's completely covered. If needed, add more glue as you go around. It should look something like this when your done. 

Next, take another six inch wide strip of burlap, glue one end to the wreath and begin twisting. The key to this step is to twist the strip of burlap as you wrap it continuously around the wreath. 

It took me a couple of tries before I really got the hang of how tight I needed to twist it all up, but really this step comes down to personal preference so just play with it until its to your liking. I used three strips of burlap to complete this step. And, because I wanted a fuller look, I went around it again with another two strips. This is what it looked like when I was done.

Finally, I decided to use some little fabric flowers that were from an old shirt to add some embellishment to the wreath. That, and I added a white ribbon around the top in order to hang it.

And here is the final product!

I really like the way it turned out and the simplicity of the whole thing was even better. 
Thanks Pinterest for the inspiration!