Jan 21, 2012

Our Trip to Mark Pardo

A friend of mine is a stylist at one of the Mark Pardo salons in town. So, since I was in serious need of a trim I made myself an appointment. She's great, so after the cut my hair felt alive and well again. I even decided to change it up and go for some wispy bangs! But that definitely wasn't the highlight of our trip there. In fact, it didn't even come close to being as eventful as Vincent's first haircut!!!!

Jay and I were both in agreement that he was more than overdue for a cut. His hair was pretty much a disaster on a daily basis unless we took the time to constantly tame it down in the back. Now I know some people loved the look, and we did too if it was tamed down. But, we decided to go ahead with it anyway. Here's how it went..

A little leery of it at first but not upset, yet.
She used the clippers to trim everything up in the back. 
And then came the tears. 
And more tears :'(
It got tricky at times. Lucky Shelly is a pro. She has a little man herself who's hair she cuts all the time :0)
It definitely wasn't Vincent's favorite experience.
  And it took him awhile to calm down afterwards. 
But we absolutely LOVE how it turned out. 
And today, he's all smiles :0). 
So damn cute.