Jan 13, 2012

London's 2nd Birthday

I feel like it was just yesterday that some of our best friends came over to tell us they were expecting... And last week, their baby girl turned 2! How does this happen..?

In true London fashion (that's her name, London) she had one girlie girl of a party and she was the star!

I decided instead of buying her something, I would make her gift. And this is what I came up with!

I found the cutest ruby slipper pattern in a crochet magazine but once I started making them I realized they were adult size. So, I improvised as best I could to make them London's size and I was pretty happy with how they turned out.

They don't fit her quite yet but maybe next winter...? At least they weren't too small!

The best part about London's party though wasn't the gift opening. It was the cupcakes! At least that was the best part for Vincent. Let's see If you get the same idea from these pics..

We were supposed to share that cupcake too, guess maybe next time. :0)

Happy Birthday London!!