Jan 4, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Christmas and New Year's were particularly nice this year... Or rather last year.. It was so much fun getting to celebrate with out little one year old and be able to share him with all of our family.

There was a lot of reading time with Big Grandpa & Grandma Bonnie.

And plenty of christmas tree lovin

And best of all, there were two families combined to make one amazing Christmas dinner. It was wonderful :0)

Oh and after all of the Christmas festivities were over, this was pretty much how our New Year's went..

But now that the holidays are over and the Christmas decorations are put away, that means its time to relax, right?!.. Wrong! That means it's time for me to get busy working on my New Years Resolution!! And what is my New Years resolution you ask?? Well it's to get my house in tip top organized shape. And I already feel overwhelmed just thinking about the task..

Somehow, in just two and a half short years, our house has filled up with so much stuff!! When Jay and I first moved in together we lived in a one bedroom, one bath apartment and both of our stuff, COMBINED, fit just perfectly. Now, we would be lucky to downsize our stuff into two bedrooms. Although we did add another human being to our household along the way, which is a damn good excuse if you ask me ;0).

Still, my goal for the year is to get rid of stuff we don't use, and to organize our office/guest bedroom/sewing & craft room which sadly includes my mess of a filing cabinet and closet. Just looking at that stupid thing makes me want to give up already and throw it all away. I don't even know where to start with any of it.

But, because nothing but perfectly organized will satisfy me at this point, I've begun the process of getting it all done. And what easier task to start with than organizing yarn?!

This is what it looked like before...

And here it is now!

I went from TWO full drawers of messy or barely used yarn, to ONE perfectly organized drawer that I can easily close. So much better :0).

Eventually, after I've cleaned out the closet in the office, I plan on putting everything into easy access baskets. Ones that match, with pretty little matching labels that all sit perfectly on a clean and organized shelf.. In the meantime though, I at least feel a little satisfaction in completing one task towards organizing the room. After all, rolling yarn into balls was definitely more time consuming and tiresome than I thought. You can even ask Jay, he got to help ;0).

Hopefully, by showing you all of the before pictures of my office I'll be proactive at getting it all organized. I'd love to be able to show finished product pictures before we put our house on the market in May. So stay tuned!!

Oh, and you can pretty much count on one very large garage sale at our house as soon as it gets warm. So much stuff has GOT to go!

Until then, any and all organizing tips would be greatly appreciated :0)

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