Dec 23, 2011

Happy Happy Girl

Because Christmas came early this year. And what better gift to receive than a girls best friend?? Home safe and sound from her travels abroad.

I don't think I realized how much I really missed her until she rang my door bell last night and I burst into tears at the surprise outside. It's an understatement to say that I am SO glad to have her home.

Vincent is too despite the look on his face as he was showered with all the hugs and kisses Chanelle had to catch up on 😊

And if that gift wasn't enough.. Jay and I were more like ecstatic on Tuesday night when Vincent finally got to meet Santa!!

Pretty much couldn't ask for better first pictures with Santa than these. No line when we got there, no crying in Santa's lap, a smile for the camera. and a new Xmas tradition for our little fam. Absolutely perfect.
Thanks Vincent!! (If you couldn't already tell, It's the small things that make your parents happy 😉).

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

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