Nov 17, 2011

Countdown to 1. 27 Days to Go!

The one year mark has taken on a whole new meaning this week in that some sort of unexpected changes are going to be made to his daily schedule as soon as the new year rolls around. You see, his current care takers are Jay's parents. They have the time and availability that allows them to watch him during the day while Jay and I work. However with their work load about to increase, some adjustments have to be made in order to be sure and accommodate everyone. Things, for now, are still up in the air. But, because they are about to change, I wanted to take a look back at the all the memories Vincent made by being able spend his days with his grandparents.

See the beauty of the whole arrangement we have with Jay's parents is that we get daily pictures of our little bundle of joy on whatever adventures Grandpa and Grandmom (or "GrandPom" as I mistakenly say way too much :0), go on. It helps me feel reassured that the choice I've made to be a working mom is a good one. Because not only do I know that he is ok, but they are able to spend some extra special quality time with him. It's really a win win all around. And it sure has gone by way too fast.. As you can see, he's not really a baby anymore.

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