Oct 9, 2011

Sunday is the Best Day

Today has been the best day. A day to be thankful for. A day filled with so many great things.
Reason No. 1: Hot air balloons
It is the last day of the balloon fiesta, and sadly that means this Turri family missed out. We were going to try and make it there earlier in the week but the weather turned for the worse and decided to rain for three days so we decided.. maybe next year? Our luck has it though, as I was putting Vincent's clothes away this morning I could hear the burners of a hot air balloon making its way RIGHT by our house!  I ran to peak out the window, naturally, and there it was!! Going right into the neighbors front yard! Vincent was just waking up so Jay and I grabbed him and ran out side... This is what we saw...

Perfect photo op! 
Here's the balloon in relation to our house.. 
I guess this was God's way of telling us that He didn't want Vincent to miss out on his first balloon fiesta. It literally came to us this year. It was perfect!

Reason No. 2: McCall's Pumpkin Patch.  
I LOVE that place. I've been there once before but this year I was able to experience it as a mom. No, Vincent wasn't able to run around and do all the things his bigger cousins were able to do, but I could see in his eyes the excitement for the whole thing. The yearning to be big enough to run right along with them. Next year baby, next year.



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