Oct 13, 2011

Crafting is Dangerous

So beware of the glue gun..
It will attack!

I was only crafting a bday present and my glue gun turned on me - the jerk! Was he distressed? Was he over worked? Was he running low on energy glue sticks?! I never was able to pin it down. He should be lucky he's alive after what he did to me. Only reason he is, is because I still have work to do. We will see if he acts up again. Better not, or he's out!


Ok I was tired. And maybe i wasn't paying attention and accidentally hit my arm with the tip of the glue gun.. Should have taken a picture then!.. Ouch!!

But, not to worry, I will survive. I will be ok. I persevered through the pain and continued my project, just like I will continue with my project tonight and until I get it done. Because I'm tough like that.. ;0)

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