Jul 27, 2011

Too Much Food

Today for lunch, I finally got to experience Two Fools Tavern. Some of my fellow worker peeps have been going there forever and have been raving about the food - mostly about their fish and chips, but raving nonetheless. So, I finally left my oh so cozy desk to join them for some lunch at this silly Irish tavern that I had heard so much about. And the verdict... oh em geeee!! I decided, or rather, couldn't decide what to eat because everything on the menu sounded so delish, but eventually I settled on the Jester's Pie (having no clue, by the way, that it would come out looking like this!!)

This, is THE biggest bowl of chicken pot pie I had ever had. The menu describes it as follows: "A not-so traditional chicken pot pie. Slow simmered with chicken, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, peas & green chile topped with a flakey pastry crust." WOW! Obviously the description is what sold me and convinced me to try this over their famous fish & chips. But WOW! When the food came I was definitely taken aback. Luckily I was hungry!!

I dove right in and was so delighted to find that it tasted just as scrumptious as it looked!

The green chile really made this comfort food even more comforting to this New Mexican girl. It was SO YUM! However, there was no way I would have ever been able to finish it all. I was really wishing my trusty garbage disposal of a husband (whose stomach capacity amazes me on a daily basis) would suddenly make an appearance to help me consume this monstrous beast of a lunch, but no such luck.

It was good enough though, that I'm already planning on going again this Friday! This time I've invited Jay. We will just have to see if the other things on the menu are just as good. Will probably venture out and try the fish and chips, but don't want to promise anything!! ;0)

~Until next time~
P.S. You should probably go there now! ;0)

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