Jul 15, 2011

My Newest Addiction

I never buy CDs, I mostly just download songs that I like and listen to them on my iPod. Lucky for me though, a friend of mine burned me the newest cd by Adele and I have seriously not stopped listening to it for over a week! Jay and I played it over and over and over and over and over on the way too California, while we were there, ALL the way back, and since then I have listened to it every day, all day, at work. I even made a copy for a fellow co-worker and can hear him listening to it in the next office all day. Like I said I don't buy CDs but this one is DEFINITELY worth picking up. Maybe even worth purchasing multiple copies, or making yourself multiple copies, so that you can have it every where you go. In each vehicle. At work on your computer. At home in your cd player. On your iPod. It's seriously worth it. Every single song is good - especially #5, that's my favorite. Take my word for it. Or Jay's word for it. Or my mom's word for it. Or my co-worker's word for it. It is good. If you like "Rolling in the Deep" which has been a hit on the radio for awhile now, you are going to love this cd. It's a good one!

P.S. Adele, you can thank me later for this plug on your cd :0)

Happy listening!!!

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