Jul 12, 2011

I Heart California

I don't even know what to say about California other than, I absolutely love it. With my whole being. I may not officially be a native of the Golden State but I may as well be, given the amount of time throughout my life I have spent there. California has always been my home away from home. My family roots. My heart. I'm so glad too that Jay and I both have family there now so that we have amazing excuses to visit.

This last visit was everything I hoped it would be. Another new chance for Vincent to experience tons of new things. Enough time to see everyone we have been missing. Time to relax and have some fun. And, the possibility of a new beginning for Jay and I's little family.

We practically drove all day and night to get there, speeding from one state to the next in order to get as far as we could in one tank full of Vincent's patience for his car seat.

Even going so far as to give Vincent this apple to chew/suck/drop/pick up/drop again in order to distract him from the fact that we had hours and hours to go..

I will definitely keep this trick in mind for any future road trips :0)

Once we got there we were welcomed in with open arms to some favorite cousins. These girls have always warmed my heart and to see them interact with Vincent, well, they were almost snatched up and taken home with us. Lucky for Melissa I have SOME self restraint ;0)

Among our family play time there was some serious beach bumin'.
Vincent's little screams as the waves rushed to wet his feet were so adorable!

Thank you Ry & Roche for showing us such a great time in one of your fave beach spots. The waves tried to get the best of us but that only made from an even memorable experience :0)

Our California adventures are few and far between for us but time and space only make this heart grow fonder. Such fun memories are created each and every time we visit. The three of us cannot wait to go back.

Until next time Cali!!

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