Jul 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

4th of July was extra special this year because my Dad was in town. Here's some pictures to recap the weekend :0)

Vincent bonding with his Papa in the Airstream.

Learning to hand shake..
"How are ya??"
"Fine thank ya!"
If I heard it once I heard it a million times, come out of my Dad's mouth.

Feet that reach the ground in Vincent's walker on the highest setting. Hoping next will come the actual pushing of himself around in that thing.

Pancake breakfast and car show (yes, that's a Rolls Royce) in Santa Fe. A tradition we may adopt for future 4th of July's.. Quite fun but HOT!

Bum watching

Documenting Vincent's first Independence Day with a Family Portrait.

Hope everyone had as great of a weekend as we did celebrating America's birthday.

And to all of the men and women who do what they do to give us all the freedom we take for granted everyday, thank you! No one can repay you for the sacrifice you make to keep our families safe. True heroes.

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