Aug 17, 2011

He's a Biter!

My son is amazing at growing teeth. Over the last three weeks since I've posted (which I apologize for being so M.I.A.), teeth FIVE and SIX (yes he already has that many!) made their debut and whenever he actually let's me take a peek at those pearly whites, I can see teeth SEVEN and EIGHT right at the surface of his gums. He's only 8 months old!! This seriously has to be some sort of record. I told him that after these last two make their official appearance, I hope this teeth growing thing takes a break for awhile - poor baby has been feeling the pain of this for way too long. In the meantime though, it's lots of toys to chew on so that we can ALL get some relief ;0)

P.s. Consider this your warning. If he happens to get your fingers in his mouth, he will bite you. Hard.

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