Jun 8, 2011

It's All In A Name

So Jay and I have gotten comments like "I LOVE that name!!" and "Now that's one big name to live up to" or "it's sounds like he should be a movie star with that name!" but to us, Vincent Valentino is more than two names that sounded good together. Both names bare special meaning to Jay and I and I'm going to share the history of it all with you!

As some of you may know this lovely man right here is my Daddy-O
His name is Vincent Frost, although he goes by Vince, and he is the true reason behind naming my son Vincent. He pushes me to strive for greatness in everything I do and he has taught me never to settle for anything but being happy. I hope to instill these same values in my son as he grows into the man he is destined to be.

The name Valentino on the other hand, came from the long line of Valentino's on Jay' side of the family.

The first of the Valentino's came to the United States from Castlefondo, Italy.
He went by Val.
Jay is so proud to be able to say that his family comes from Italia and it's all thanks to this man.

Next in line came Valentino Turri Jr. He was Val's third child.
The story goes, that after he was born neither of his parents could decide on a name for him. Instead of coming up with a name they just called him "baby"... for weeks! Then one day the state came a knockin' asking for the official name of the "baby" and to get them off their back they just named him Valentino Jr!
He goes by Tino now..

And so it continues

Next in line for the Valentino name was this little guy..
Michael Valentino Turri. The first of Tino's five boys and Jay's cosmic Daddy-O!
If you can't tell this is Jay's dad there is something seriously wrong..
Only real difference is the facial hair. Jay was definitely not blessed in this area :)

Mike is famous for being ultra talented and well known in the local Albuquerque movie biz..
Everyone who knows him just loves him! 
He has been a huge support system to Jay and our whole family and we are thankful for everything he does for us everyday!
You're definitely one of the coolest guys I know, Mike!

Next in line was Jay! 
And lucky for him he was handed down the Valentino name. 
Middle name that is, just like his pops!
And he definitely wins the most proud award for having it. 
I think 10 times out of 10 he even wishes Valentino were his first name.
That's one of the reasons he was so thrilled to be having a boy, 
so he could continue the Valentino legacy and pass the name on to his son.
And so we did!
Vincent Valentino Turri!
 At the end of the day Vincent will become his own person. However, knowing that his family is filled with so many great role models, and that he is forever bonded with them through their names, I feel confident that he will become one exceptional human being.


Ryan said...

I love the blog. This is such a cool post. Keep them coming!

Love you guys,

Rochelle said...

what a great post, love the old pics!