Jun 12, 2011

One Busy Day

Saturday June 11th was probably the most busy day Vincent and I have had in a long time. Here's how it went:

8:00am - G-Lo (my mom) came to pick up Vincent to baby sit while Jay and I played in the 2011 charity Mudd Volleyball Tournament.

9:00am: time to get dirty!

Uh.. Excuse me Jay, I was right here, I could've got that =)

Actually I probably would've missed it too because I am no professional mud volleyball player buy it's fun to pretend ;)

11:45am: A quick cleanup and then I had to dash out of mud volleyball early and head to a birthday party with my mama and Vincent.

My friend Nicole's son turned 1 and we got to celebrate with him at his swim party!

Vincent loved lounging in all of the pool toys that Nicole provided for the party

And my Mom loved getting to share this experience with him

We even ran into some good friends who were partying at the pool too!

2:00pm: time for cake and presents!

I decided to go with the non-traditional route and make his gift, rather than buy him something. I found this pillow idea on but did some minor adjustments to make it a little more baby proof.. I mean he is only one after all!

Here is the final product!

Loved his little smile!

3:00pm: Head home for a quick cleanup and nap time for Vincent

6:00pm: last stop, Logan & Adam's birthday party. At this point we were all so exhausted that i didn't even think to take any pictures :( BUT, it was so nice to get together with good friends who we haven't had a chance to catch up with in a while.

9:00pm: Homeward bound!

9:25: Phew! We made it! Vincent was still in good spirits and talked until he fell asleep. He was such a trooper!

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Michael said...

Got tired just reading about it! Looks like it was tons of fun:)