Jun 3, 2011

A Nice Relaxing Weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend, Jay, Vincent and I spent our time relaxing in Angel Fire New Mexico with Jay's parents Michael & Johnese at their house in the mountains. It was a much needed vacation that all of us enjoyed so much! Vincent and I got there one day early because Jay had to work so we passed our time waiting for Dad to arrive by taking pictures. Here are a few from our photo shoot :)

I think he enjoyed posing for them as much as we enjoyed taking them. Or maybe it was just all the new things to look at.. Either way we took so many great pictures. I can't wait to print them and frame them for the house!

Still, we had more waiting to do until Jay got there so we (well actually it was mostly Mike) improvised in a whole new way! The mountain way!
                   Who needs hands to hold your umbrella when you've got Velcro and a bungee cord??

                                                                       He loved it!
Mike also rigged his car seat up on their mountain wagon.
We took lots of strolls up and down the road like this

And finally, since the daisies haven't bloomed yet, Johnese showed him a dandelion..

He tried to eat it

Once Jay got there we were quick to do one of our most favorite things, riding the four-wheeler! This time though we all got to experience it in a whole new way.. by riding slowly and taking Vincent for his first ride... Don't worry folks, his daddy had a good hold of him.

Ready to cruise.............

As you can tell, it was fun for everyone

We also did some cool projects. Like making the first, of many, concrete blocks that will fill up the back yard. Vincent got to put his hand print and foot print in it. It's so cool to have something like that for us to show him when he gets older.

Overall we had a great time! Mike & Johnese are always great hosts and Jay & I just love watching them interact with our son. Vincent is so blessed to have them in his life.

Thanks for such a great weekend!


Jay V. Turri said...

This was one of many fun times to be had in AF. Your awesome babe. I love you so much

Michael said...

Ohhhh how cool with the pics & the memories. You made us cry.

Johnese said...

We were so glad to have you guys up in the mountains with us!!! Was a GREAT time!!!