Mar 26, 2012

Crackers, Anyone?

If your name is Vincent Turri, your answer would be yes! In fact, he would live on crackers if we let him. His fave are gold fish. The backseat of my car is proof enough of that ;0) but recently, I began wondering how much they probably aren't that good for him. Instead of feeling guilty that I'm feeding my son processed foods I decided I'd try making him some homemade crackers. And thanks to Pinterest I found a really quick and easy recipe that Jay and I tried last night. Here's the link if you'd like to try it yourself.
Jay took his rolling job pretty seriously ;0)
We rolled out the dough and used a shot glass to cut out all the crackers.
We poked each one with a fork and baked for about 14 minutes.
After they came out we brushed them with a little bit of butter. It called for salt AND butter, but we decided to leave the extra salt out. Everyone needs more butter. No one needs more salt ;0)
The entire thing went rather quickly and it made about 100 crackers. 
Best of all, they're delicious! 
Vincent didn't get to try one until this morning but I think he liked them. Jay and I will have to keep reminding ourselve that we made them for him. Otherwise, we'll eat them all and that would be a very bad thing!

Happy Monday everyone!