Jun 18, 2011

Little Swimmer

Oh you know, it was just another day at the pool =) only this time it wasn't a pool party. It was just a relaxing kind of day. Jay's cousin, and one of my best friends, Kristin, invited us out for a day at the pool. We decided to do something a little different so we went to Sandia Casino. After a minor set back of $90 for all of us to get in (YIKES!!!) we really got to enjoy ourselves. We did a little eating, drank a few cocktails (not too many, we still had to be responsible Mommy & Daddy), soaked up the sun and swam and swam.  

Ready to go!

Such a fun couple of hours! And, a great reminder that although our life is different now that we have a little one to take care of, it is still important to remember who you were as a person before your life changed and to make it a priority to stay close with those who are important to you. You may not get to do things the way you used but the key is to do things and enjoy experiencing them in a whole new way, through the eyes of your child. I know we have been, and as Vincent grows we will continue to do so.

Much love to those in our life who are SO special to us.. hopefully you know who you are.

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