Jun 20, 2011

A Happy Father's Day

Father's Day.. A day of honoring the relationship we have with those special guys in our lives. Unfortunately for Jay and I, both of our Dads were in other cities but, lucky for me, I had a new Daddy in the house who was celebrating his very FIRST Father's Day! I knew I had to make it extra special because Jay is one of the most amazing Daddies around.

Even before Vincent arrived I knew Jay was going to be the best dad because words could not explain how excited he was to be having a child
And the moment he held him in his arms they were instantly bonded. Dad and son. A relationship I will never be able to fully comprehend but one that I am so thankful they have.
Since then Jay has proven himself to be the most loving, caring, supportive, silly, fun dad who needed to be spoiled on his day, for everything he does for his family.

In the morning Jay was delivered presents, cards, and an one excited son
He got to start projects that HE wanted to do, rather than "honey-do's" that he usually gets tasked with ;0)
He got to golf with his buddies
and then we ended the day by spending quality time with people we don't see enough.. My Grandad and his wife Diantha.
As with lots of other things lately, it was so sweet for me to celebrate Father's Day in a whole new way, honoring a brand new dad.

We missed having our own Dad's around to celebrate with, but we hope they know just how much we appreciate everything they have done to mold and shape us into the people we have become.

Hope everyone else had as great of a day as we did and hope all you daddies out there, who sacrifice every day to provide for your family and who love them unconditionally, were spoiled rotten.. But don't get too used to it!! :0)

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