Feb 9, 2012

Spicing Up Dinner

On any average week one can almost guarantee that we eat pasta for dinner at least one night. Our favorite go-to dish is penne pasta with jarred vodka sauce and a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. It's so easy for us to just throw together and it actually tastes quite good. If I had the time, I wouldn't mind making my own vodka sauce but why bother when we already like the one we get from the store? In an effort to save time, this works for us. We sometimes pair our meal with a salad but we almost always pair it with some of my favorites, crescent rolls. This week, our pasta night fell on Tuesday. And since i'm home on Tuesdays I decided to spice it up a little by making something extra. Spicy spinach-stuffed mushrooms!
Can you tell this is Jay's plate?
If you're a mushroom lover like I am then, then you will absolutely love this recipe. It's from Pioneer Woman, my go-to gal for tons and tons of delicious food ideas - and this definitely was. You can find the recipe here.
For additional Pioneer Woman recipes that our familyeats on a regular basis, see the list below. You definitely won't be sorry to try any of them.

The Perfect Pot Roast - This is perfect for Sunday dinner. a short prep time, a long cook time and some GOOD eating.
The Best Lasagna Ever - and it really is. The only thing for me is I don't like sausage. Not to worry though, I substituted the sausage for mushrooms and WOW, it was truly the best lasagna ever.
Penne a la Betsy - I've made this twice already and both times there were no left overs. It's that good.
Chicken and Dumplings - Chicken and Dumplings is one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. EVER. And this recipes brings it home for sure. If you're in a time crunch, there's ways to short cut the recipe. Like using a store bought rotisserie chicken instead of cutting and cooking the chicken yourself, but either way it's sooooo gooooood.
My Most Favorite Burger - Only thing we did different to our burger was add a little avacado because we had to use ours up. It was amazing. Although I do think it would still be amazing without it ;0).

**P.S. Sometimes I have to cut her recipes in half because after all, it is just the two of us and she's normally cooking for six. Unless it's the pasta. Then Jay counts as 4 servings and we can normally finish it off. Just so you know ;0)**
Bon App├ętit!!