Nov 5, 2011

Paper Mobile

I've wanted to do a paper mobile for Vincent's room for quite some time. I've seen so many different tutorials on them that i was anxious to try one out. And lucky for me, I found the time to finally make one today so I thought i would share how I did it..

- different color paper
- ribbon
- two lollipop sticks
- glue gun
- circle punch
- small hole punch

First I went through all of my scrapbook paper and picked seven colors that I thought would work well together.

Then I punched eight - 1 1/2 inch circles out of each color.

After that, I used a small hole punch to cut ribbon holes on either side of each circle.

Once all of the circles were punched out and each one had two ribbon holes cut into them, I began to string them accordingly onto pieces of ribbon I cut about 23" long. I strung the ribbon though the front of one of the holes so that it went out the back and then I brought the ribbon back through the front of the opposite hole. I did that until I had all seven colors strung together on the strand.

And I repeated that step until all eight strands were strung.

Once the strands were done, I set them aside in order to put together what would ultimately hold the mobile in place. I decided to use lollipop sticks for this part simply because I actually had some left over from another project, however I'm sure there are many other options. Anyway, I placed the sticks together to form a cross and cut out a little indentation for where one would need to sit on top of the other. Then I placed them together, strung my ribbon around it several times and glue gunned the end of the ribbon in place.

Then I glued all of the stands around the stick holder. I put two on each side and tried to make them so that they all didn't hang at the same length. FYI, I found gluing the strands exactly where i wanted them to hang was far easier than trying to tie the ribbon around the sticks like I had originally planned.

Once all of them were in place, I took a final piece of ribbon, strung it around the middle of the sticks, where they cross, and then hung the mobile from the ceiling!! It weighs practically nothing so a tack was sufficient enough to hold it. And thanks to my hubby being so tall and handy, I didn't even need to pull the stool out to hang it up :0)

Here's what the final product looks like..

And for those of you who knew what this area kind of looked like before.. Here's it is all new and improved!

I'm loving how it looks and even happier that I was actually able to complete a project, start to finish in just a couple hours. That's one thing that is definitely hard for me to do..

Happy crafting!!

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