Nov 28, 2011

A Few Other Things

Getting Organized
Staying Warm

Over the long weekend I had visions of getting a million things done. While that may not have become my reality, I did manage to be somewhat productive. The rest.. Well, it can wait for another time I guess :0)

One of those things was to tackle the dis-organization of Vincent's toys. One of the simpler things in life that makes me SO happy is to see things neatly in their place. Like have you ever just stared at the racks and racks of colored paper at a craft store just because it looks so organized and beautiful?? No..? Oh, well I'll continue with my story then..

Anyway, the lack of organization of Vincent's toys in the living room was starting to drive me a little crazy. For instance, this is what the corner of my living room looks like on a regular basis..

Two big over sized play toys filled with all of the other small-ish toys along with everything else just sort of strewed about the floor... I get it though, this is exactly how Vincent wants it but I needed to do something about it. For my sanity :0)

Along came Costco Friday morning. And what did they have?? Only the most perfect little storage system for just $19.99!!! For sure my kind of deal. It's one of those snap together kinda but it's light weight and I was able to put it together however I pleased. So I did! And with the help of some adorable Target bins, the look is complete!!
So much better...

We decided to move the big toys to the other side of the couches as barriers to keep a certain little adventurous dude in the living room while we hang out and play.

It works great at keeping the dogs out too! I'd say the living room is FINALLY baby proof. Nice.

Every third Monday Jay gets to stay home. Then I'm the lucky one who gets to drag my butt to work while wishing I could crawl back into bed and snuggle up with these two.

But, as an update to an old post about schedules changing, starting in January I will be going part time!! So on Mondays and Tuesdays I won't even have to bat an eye at my alarm clock when it tries to go off at 5:45. Instead ill be spending quality Zzzz time with my fam. As you can imagine, I'm pretty much counting down the days until that schedule goes into affect.

Staying warm:
This morning I am thankful for a warm house. As yesterday we were not so warm. Our heater decided to act up and as a result we had no heat until about 4:30 in the afternoon. It actually got down to 62 degrees in the house and I was ready to resort to heating the house with the oven. Poor Vincent looked like Randy from A Christmas Story, all bundled up in tons of layers. Not to worry though, all is warm this morning in the Turri house. And Vincent is back to wearing only one layer of clothing :0)

I am ever so grateful for my diligent hubby who worked on it constantly until it worked perfectly. And for saving us however much $$$ it would have cost us to call in a professional. Lucky us!

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